Potential Home Buyer FAQ's

Q: Is Trahlyta Trace amenable to short term rentals?

A:  Yes, short term rentals are allowed in our covenants.

Q:  Are long term rentals permitted?

A:  Yes, they are.  

Q:  What are the annual dues?

A:  $1800 per year for a lot with a home and $1500 per year for an unbuilt lot.

Q:  Is there a new home buyer initiation/registration fee?

A:  Yes, that fee is $1000 due at the lot's closing.  

Q:  What services do the annual dues cover?

A:  Dues cover weekly trash service, community landscaping, community area lighting, maintenance of the community well system and maintenance of the community roads.  

Q:  What is the minimum square footage for a new home build?

A:  Homes are to be built on a basement with no less than 1,000 sq ft on the main floor and no less than 2200 sq ft  in total. 

Q:  Are homes required to be of log construction?

A:  Yes, all homes are to be built of log construction.  Garages may be constructed with log siding.